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Ms Prameela, Business Development Manager


Nature of Business

K.N.P. Trading Pte Ltd and its associate company, Suriya Trading Enterprises (S) Pte Ltd, were incorporated in Singapore. The Founder of the business, Mr K N Unnithan, launched pre-mix Curry Powders under the banner of HOUSE Brand in 1958. The Founder's aspiration to serve the needs of others have survived more than 60 years and today, HOUSE Brand, carries a range of over 200 products.

We continue to innovate new products to 'Enhance the Food Experience' of our customers. We have launched the Ready to Eat and Ready to Cook range of products.

We were the first company in Singapore and second in South East Asia to introduce Cryogenic grinding using Liquid Nitrogen. In Cryogenic grinding whole spices are cooled prior to grinding. This ensures that the flavor and colour of the resultant spice mix is intact. We were also the first company in Singapore to introduce zip-lock packing for Curry Powders. We continue to embrace new technology and automation to produce quality output that will meet the stringent food safety standards.

House Brand has been accorded 'Certified on the Job Training Center' by Institute of Technical Education, Singapore. We adopt Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura's (MUIS) HALAL Certification system called HALAL MQ. Our specialty products satisfy HALAL requirements as prescribed by MUIS. No artificial additives, preservatives or coloring is used in our products.

House Brand Specialise in:
  • Spice curry powders
  • Spice mixed curry powders
  • Rice like Basmati, Ponni Rice, Ponni Gold, Sonamasuri, Idly Rice, White Rice, Red Matta Rice, Brown Rice, Black Rice
  • Ready to Cook Gravies
  • Ready to Eat
  • All types of flours
  • Dhals and beans
  • Instant mixes
  • Dry fruits/dried goods
  • Herbal soap

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