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Nature of Business

Founded in 1996, Leong Guan is a Singapore food manufacturer that specialises in producing noodles and related products, with its own logistics arm. The production facility is ISO 22000, HACCP and its manufactured products Halal certified. The company is a Tasty Singapore ambassador, and with a focus in innovation, it pioneered Wholegrain Noodles back in 2012. Wholegrain noodles were subsequently pick up by Singapore Health Promotion Board (HPB) as a healthier alternative to traditional local noodles.

Formed to cater to the needs of noodles lovers who enjoy and appreciate the taste of eating delicious noodles, Leong Guan has since grown rapidly over the years. Our noodle manufacturing facility was set up in 2006, making us one of the pioneers of adopting hygienic fully machine-operated noodle manufacturing in Singapore.

Leong Guan's popular healthier choice certified noodles are:
  • LG Wholegrain Noodles, LG Wholegrain Mee Tai Bak, LG Wholegrain Kway Teow, LG Wholegrain Mee Kia, LG Wholegrain Mee Pok, etc.

Noodles aside, Leong Guan also supplies a variety of products that are produced daily such as: wanton/dumpling wrappers (skins) and beancurd products such as tofu and salted beancurd (taukwa). We have also added to our product portfolio a list of complementing products such as bean sprout, fish ball, frozen products and vegetarian cuisine.

Since our founding, we have developed an in-depth understanding of the different and various tastes and likes of our customers and consumers. Apart from traditional local noodles, the company also produces international noodles from Hong Kong Wanton Noodles, to Japanese Ramen and fresh Italian Pasta. We also provide OEM services to several organisations where they require specific types of noodles that are not commonly accessible in Singapore.

Our vision is to be Asia's trusted partner of exceptional quality noodles and food products defined with our mission as creating lasting partnerships through good food, service and people. We are also looking for suitable agents to market our very own brand "LG", specifically for overseas markets.

All our products are covered with Product Liability Insurance and we provide island-wide delivery series in Singapore. With a dedicated logistics team, Leong Guan aims to provide a one-stop solution for our food service customers.

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