CRN/UEN: 198700888H

1 Jalan Gemala 2
Singapore 718798

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Ms K N Koh, Admin/Marketing Manager


Nature of Business

Seng Choon Farm is a pioneer in the Singapore egg industry, well-known for its high quality, farm fresh eggs. We are located on a 36-acre site in the rustic suburbs of the Lim Chu Kang Agrotechnology Park, producing more than 220 million eggs annually.

We care about the health of people, it is our firm belief that freshness is a key quality in eggs. Seng Choon Farm complies with the disease control measures established by the Singapore Food Agency. Regular stringent testing programmes run throughout the year so that you can be assured that our products are free from Salmonella Enteriditis and bird flu. Freshly laid and freshly packed, the eggs are sent to retail stores and food industry users by our reliable delivery team all within the day!

Our Product range includes:
1st Born Eggs
Carrot Eggs
Farm 3 Eggs
Farm Fresh Eggs
Golden Corn Eggs
Jumbo Eggs
Large Eggs
Pasteurised Liquid Eggs

Seng Choon Farm is ISO 22000:2018 and Halal certified

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