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Nature of Business

Yew Hwa Food Industries understands how food can convey a sense of warmth, family ties and well-wishes, and that is why we have been consistently providing our customers with quality fish maw and yam paste since our founding in 1982. Whether as part of the meal or given as a gift during festive seasons and celebratory events such as wedding banquets and baby full-moons, our fish maw and dessert paste are the perfect complement to such precious moments.

Made with a traditional recipe but modified to use healthier ingredients, you can rest assured that our products are the healthier choice with the use of vegetable oil, less sugar and no preservatives.

The company is also ISO 22000 and HACCP certified. Our quality assurance team ensures that our products are manufactured under strict supervision and quality. As one of the leading supplier of paste/hand made curry puffs/confectionery fillings in Singapore, we are well positioned to do supplies distribution to many channels such as:

– Hotels & Restaurants
– Catering Companies
– Food Courts & Hawker Centres
– Wet Markets

We also offer OEM packaging and processing for customer's need.

Our Products range
• Taro Yam paste, Red Bean paste & Various types of paste
• Pumpkin Taro Yam paste
• Gingkonut Taro Yam paste
• Yam Ring
• White Bean paste
• Red Bean paste
• Pumpkin paste
• Snow Fungus
• Peach Gum
• Black Glutinous Rice
• Chilli Prawn
• BBQ Chicken Char Siew
• Fish Maw
• Eel Fish Maw
• Threadfin Fish Maw
• Jin Chang Fish Maw
• Lotus Fish Maw
• Curry Puff (Potato)
• Curry Puff (Chicken)
• Curry Puff (Sardine)
• Sesame Ball (Yam)
• Sesame Ball (Peanut)
• Sesame Ball (Bean paste)
• Yam Red Bean Ball
• Taro Ball & cube
• Sweet Potato Ball & cube
• Pumpkin Ball & cube
• Purple Potato Ball & cubes

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