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Fresh and hygienically packed poultry available for restaurant, hotels, caterers, food industries, markets and minimart.



Trading in livestock meat poultry & seafood.

Specialising in poultry business for • Poultry meat processing of fresh & frozen chicken products • Thawed chicken parts • Boneless breast • Whole black chicken • Whole spring chicken • Kampong chicken

Processing, packaging and distribution of chilled and frozen chicken, beef and lamb products Provision of third-party chicken slaughtering services

Sinmah Poultry Processing (S) Pte Ltd is a well-established chicken poultry company that has been around in Singapore since 1991. Being a well-known brand among the market, with the numerous relevant experiences in the chicken poultry industry, we… More

We supply: • Halal frozen meat • Poultry We offer services customised to your needs. Services include processing,portioning, seasoning of meat products. Factories: 15 Woodlands Loop #01-3536 Singapore 738322 4 Senoko Way Senoko Industrial… More

Poultry meat processing of fresh & frozen chicken products Distribution of marinated and thawed chicken parts

Specialise in marinating of meat products, including chicken, beef and lamb.