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Farmer Brown eggs are produced by Zeagold Foods, one of New Zealand's leading egg producer. The farms produce a range of quality shell and liquid eggs with point of sale in New Zealand and throughout Asia/Pacific region. With a vertically integrated company model, there is complete control in the supply chain from rearing and feeding of chicks and layer hens, to grading, packing and processing of eggs.

The Farm Fresh Eggs and Free Range eggs are farmed in New Zealand’s avian disease-free environment. The eggs are stamped with a unique identity code which are 100% traceable to the farm they are laid.

Farmer Brown eggs are produced in the most modern, high quality facility in Australasia. These farms have been designed and equipped with state-of-the-art equipment from Europe and the US. The farms are certified with the following endorsements:
• New Zealand MAF approved
• Singapore SFA approved
• ISO 9001 accreditation
• HACCP certified

Our products include:
• Whole chicken & chicken portion
• Chicken parts - breast, leg, drumstick, thigh, wing, fillet, middle joint wing
• Chicken cube
• Chicken sliced
• Minced chicken & meatballs
• Chicken burger patties
• Chicken nuggets
• Various beef cuts - tenderloin, ribeye, striploin, knuckle, chuck tender, flank steak, cheek, shin shank, topside
• Beef steak
• Beef cube
• Beef shabu shabu & stir fry
• Minced beef & meatballs
• Beef sliced & diced
• Beef burger patties
• Beef tripe
• Ox tail
• Various lamb cuts – shank, rump, rack, rack chop
• Lamb shabu shabu
• Lamb chop
• Lamb chop sliced
• Lamb cube & minced lamb
• Mutton cube & minced mutton
• Fish fillet
• French fries
• Poached chicken eggs
• New Zealand farm fresh and free range eggs

…and many more !

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CRN/UEN: 53379180D

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