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                                  SINGAPORE HALAL CERTIFIED PRODUCTS
N & N Agriculture Pte Ltd
1 Lim Chu Kang Lane 9A. Singapore 718845 Tel: (65) 6792 9745/6 Fax: (65) 6792 9747
The Pasteurized Egg Company Pte Ltd
         Established since 2001, N & N Agriculture produces about 400,000 fresh eggs daily. Freshness, Food Safety and Product Value are our priorities. N & N built the 1st and only egg pasteurization facility in Singapore to stringently pasteurize fresh shell eggs and egg products.
Singapore’s 1st and Only pasteurized fresh eggs Pasteurized to kill Salmonella and Bird Flu Virus
if present inside and outside the eggs
Contain Omega 3 & 6 and Vitamin D3 or E
Contain Lower Cholesterol
Beneficial for individuals with lower immunity
Reduced risk of egg-related cross-contamination in food preparation areas
Ideal for recipes with lightly cooked eggs with runny yolks Stringently Pasteurized using multi-patented pasteurization
1: Quality Eggs
Our hens are fed a nutritious diet to ensure that our eggs are healthier with lower in cholesterol and enhanced with Omega and Vitamin nutrition.
2: Pasteurization Bath
Nutritious fresh eggs are submerged in a warm water bath, where a computer-controlled combination of time and temperature heats the eggs to the exact temperature needed to kill Salmonella Enteritiditis (SE) bacteria and Bird Flu Virus if present inside and outside the eggs.The pasteurization process does not cook the eggs; no chemicals or radiations are used.
3: Protective Coating
Our pasteurized fresh eggs are then sealed with a protective food-grade coating to prevent contaminants from entering the eggs. Egg Story eggs are marked with a for assured pasteurization quality and stored in the chiller for maximum freshness.
    technology from USA
  Pasteurized Product Range
* Liquid Egg
* Soft Yolk Eggs
* Poached Eggs
* Hard Boiled Eggs * Tamagoyaki
Product Highlights
- Stringent Pasteurization to ensure food safety
- No added preservatives, chemicals or artificial colouring
- Made from fresh eggs produced in Singapore daily
- Ready-to-use products for
time- and cost-savings

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